Traffic & Parking

Pick Up/Drop Off and Parking Guidance

Guidance shared at Aug. 22 Traffic Information Night

To better understand our new traffic loop and how it will impact drop off and pick up, please:

Traffic Flow Guide, Pick Up / Drop Off Times and Loop Rules

Traffic Map_8.24.23

Elementary - Morning Drop Off Times

Students in the K-5th grade Elementary building can be dropped off as early as 7:55am and will enter the building at 8:08 am.  School starts at 8:10 am.

Secondary - Morning Drop Off Times

Students in our 6th-12th grade Secondary building may be dropped off at 7:35am. School starts at 8:00am

Elementary - Afternoon Pick Up 

Pickup time:  Kindergarten 3:05pm; 1st-5th  3:15pm

Elementary students will exit the building with their teacher to designated areas in front of the Elementary Building and await parent arrival. Please proceed through the loop to your student's designated line spot. The Hug and Go Lane is also our pickup lane. Students are not to cross into the continuous drive lane to get into a vehicle. You may also park in the designated lot and cross the crosswalk to retrieve your student in person from their teacher. 

Secondary - Afternoon Pick Up 

Pickup times: Middle School 3:25pm  and High School 3:25pm

Please arrive after 3:15pm to allow for Elementary parents to exit the loop. Students in grades 6-12 will exit the building and await parent arrival. Please have a plan in place with your middle or high schooler for pickup. Remember, there is NO student pick up after school in the North Lot.

Dos and Don'ts for the Loop

North Lot - Staff and Students Only

Parents are NOT allowed to park in the North parking lot.  

The North lot is designated as a PERMIT-ONLY parking area for staff (shown in yellow) and students (shown in light blue). Students pay $50 annually for a guaranteed, safe spot to park their cars and go to school. Check out our Student Parking Permit guidelines for more about how to purchase permits, as well as expectations for drivers. 

There is NO student pick up after school in the North lot. Instead, please follow guidance outlined below for picking up students in the loop and for parking in designated parent parking areas. 

Staff may also park in the lot in front of the Elementary and Secondary school buildings.

Arial image of Stargate campus with label for North Parking Lot

Entering the Loop and Parent Parking Lots 

Main Entrance - Enter the loop off Washington Street. Remember this is two way traffic until the gate to the business center. You will drive eastbound and form two lanes after the gate, one headed toward the parent parking lot (green arrow) and one toward the continuous drive & drop lanes (yellow arrow). If you need to park or exit your car for ANY REASON you should plan to park (follow the green arrow). At the first split, drivers on the continuous drive & drop route should form two lanes and will need to merge with drivers entering from 144th Avenue entrance. Keep to the right  lane for drop off/pick up in front of the Elementary building or move to the left lane for continuous traffic flow toward the Secondary building or the loop exit. 

North Entrance - In the morning, families can also choose to utilize the North entrance to drop off (through traffic signal). You will need to make a full loop around the North parking lot (red arrow) driving past the north side of the Secondary Building, west side of the Field House and front of the Performing Arts building. You will exit at the traffic signal. From this entrance, there is no drop off lane next to the Secondary building and you cannot access the loop closest to the Elementary building. As a reminder, parking in the North lot is reserved ONLY for staff and students with assigned permits. THE NORTH PARKING LOT IS CLOSED AFTER SCHOOL-- NO PICK UP ALLOWED UNTIL AFTER 4pm.

Exiting the Loop and Parent Parking Lots

To exit the Stargate loop, please proceed through the traffic loop indicated by the yellow arrows, past the Secondary Building, past the field house, to the northern-most portion of our property and exit on to Washington at the traffic signal. Signs are posted and cones will help direct traffic.

To exit from the parent parking, follow the route indicated by the green arrows in the map back to the main Stargate entrance. Do not sit and wait to cut across Washington to u-turn and go south. Turn right on Washington, go north to the light on 146th and make a legal u-turn at the light. It is A LOT faster and safer to get out than waiting and impeding the flow of traffic.

Carpool / Transportation Options

Stargate does not provide transportation to or from the school. 

Families are encouraged to carpool. To help facilitate ride sharing, Stargate is listed with Way to Go School Pool. Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a group of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs). For the secure link set up for Stargate families, email

Questions and Reminders

Please be patient as we all drop off and pick up students. Please stay off your cell phone until you have safely exited Stargate property. We ask that you make our students' safety a priority and take the extra time to get them to class safe and sound. If we all work together and follow the rules, we can make a difference and improve traffic flow.

Direct all questions to