Middle School

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Our strong middle school program blends academic rigor with an intentional emphasis on social-emotional growth. Like all adolescents, our students have complex and multifaceted needs. Thus, we actively support their quest to develop their personal identity and to see themselves as members of a community. Whether in structured activities with their peer group, in leadership roles with younger students, in sports, in competition and cooperation with other schools, or in service to the community and wider world, our students learn to balance their individualism with the needs of diverse groups. The middle school program represents a special time at Stargate and we work to make it memorable.  

Academics, Adroit, Athletics & Clubs, plus Helpful Resources

Meet Our Admin Team

Secondary Principal:  Rob Cable, robert.cable@stargateschool.org

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director:  Dave Logan, david.logan@stargateschool.org

Assistant Principal:  Nicki Jo Svoboda, nickijo.svoboda@stargateschool.org

Assistant Principal:  Miranda Lamonski, miranda.lamonski@stargateschool.org

Mr. Logan, Mrs. Svoboda, Mr. Cable, Ms. Lamonski