Community Relations & Events

For more information about how to get involved, watch for emails and other communications from the school or email the Community Relations committee at

Connecting Families While Having Fun

Stargate brings families together in a number of ways, including through family-friendly special events. Our regular, school wide, community-building activities link students, parents and teachers. They help foster new school traditions, promote inclusiveness and strengthen commitment to the school. They can be as low-key as a summer meet-and-greet, where families relax on the school lawn. Or they can be as logistically challenging as our multi-day, multiple meal staff appreciation events. One of our biggest events, the school's annual Harry Potter night, draws more than 750 attendees and requires more than 100 volunteer hours at the event.

Led by parent volunteers and dedicated staff members, Stargate special events establish a climate of belonging and trust that connects families and the school in ways that support but also transcend academics. It's a unique culture, sustained by our strong school communities.

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Looking for Fundraising Events like Dining Out nights or Spiritwear? Visit the Fundraising Events page.

Can You Help?

The CRC welcomes all volunteers. If you enjoy planning parties, decorating, building props, or directly showing support for our amazing teachers, CRC may be for you. Watch this space for sign up information and links to event information, or email to volunteer.

Meeting Notices - Volunteer

During the school year, the Community Relations Committee (CRC) generally meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:15 am. Meeting changes and locations will be announced either on the school calendar or in announcements. Everyone is welcome! If you are unable to attend meetings there are still lots of volunteer opportunities. Any and all help is greatly needed & appreciated!