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Please be sure to check the STARGATE MASTER CALENDAR for updated information about field trips and days off before ordering lunches.  It can be found on the calendars page.
Stay tuned for an update for the 2024-25 school year.

Healthy School Meals for All Program

Stargate will continue in the state Healthy School Meals for All (HSMA) program for the 2024-25 school year.  This optional program is open to ALL K-12 students.  Stargate is partnered with the Charter Choice Collaborative (SFA).The Charter Choice Collaborative acts as our SFA (School Food Authority) to administer the process of reporting and processing federal and state meal reimbursements to the school. 
All students at Stargate will have access to free healthy, nutritious school meals thanks to the Healthy School Meals for All program.  Stay tuned for lunch information as details may change for the 2024-2025 year.  
Please fill out the CharterChoice (SFA) Combination Form (Online Meal Benefits Application/Family Economic Data Survey). While meals will be provided for free to all Stargate students through Healthy School Meals for All, it’s important for us to continue gathering this information to receive full access to available federal funds that support nutritional programs at your school.  
We encourage all families to complete the Combination Form online  for the 2024-25 school year.  This is an optional form but by providing this information, you will help our district access all available funds to cover the cost of meals, and other nutritional programs for students. Families who fill out the form MAY qualify to receive discounted school fees, class materials, bus passes, utilities support and more.  Please note: if your family is qualifies for free/reduced fees, you will receive an email from the Charter Choice Collaborative.  You will then need to forward this information to the school.  Stargate DOES NOT receive the information from Charter Choice Collaborative.
Stargate has contracted with My Kids Lunch at the hot lunch provider. Please see the welcome letter for a detailed description of the ordering process and policies.  
Please order lunch online through My Kids Lunch 

Providing Lunches from Home

These are a few tips to help your student have a smooth lunch experience while enjoying food brought from home.
  • Please be sure your child is able to open any packages or containers in their lunch.
  • Please be aware of students with allergies.
In-Class Snacks:  We have a number of students in our building who have potentially life threatening food allergies. These students can have life threatening reactions even with a very little exposure to the allergen. In an effort to keep all of our students safe, please DO NOT send your child to school with snacks containing nuts for in-class snack time.