MS Adroit

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Middle School Adroit

Stargate teachers maintain a Google calendar and Class Syllabus for each class period they teach, accessible via the links below. The calendar outlines key dates for the class and the syllabus includes course descriptions, units of study, grading scales and general expectations. All other information is maintained in Google Classroom.

Students are responsible for owning their learning. This includes checking grades, tracking missing assignments, making up work, asking for help, problem solving and communication.

Applying the Design Thinking Process

Adroit at the middle school level is about applying our knowledge of Design Thinking with a lot of guidance and support from our teachers. We continue to focus on growth mindset, learning to communicate, how to collaborate, and what it means to be empathetic. We learn how to use the tools in the Adroit room to support our Design Thinking process.

What kinds of amazing big picture learning will we do in Adroit this year?

We will:

  • Understand that learning is fun, engaging, and purposeful!

  • Use the Design Thinking process to explore, create, innovate, fail, and succeed

  • Know deep down that some of our best learning comes from failing forward

  • Speak and write intentionally and purposefully

  • Listen for perspectives other than our own

  • Collaborate in teams

What kinds of amazing things might we do in Middle School Adroit this year?

We might:

  • Utilize tools in the Adroit room to explore different types of life skill technologies, including woodworking, 3D Design and printing, laser cutting, cooking, sewing, metal working, and arduinos

  • Research a problem we see and design a plan to address it