Dress Code

Personal Appearance Guidelines

Stargate follows the same dress code guidelines outlined in Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Policy 5060, Student Dress Code.

From the district guidelines:

1.0 Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are primarily responsible for determining the student’s personal appearance (clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, headgear, book bags, etc.). Schools are responsible for ensuring that a student’s personal appearance does not interfere with the health or safety of any student and does not cause disruption to the education process.

2.0 Students are expected to abide by the following general guidelines while on school premises or at school activities:

2.1 Students must wear a top, bottom and footwear;

2.2 Inappropriately sheer, tight, short, or low-cut clothing that bares or exposes traditionally private parts of the body, including but not limited to, the stomach, buttocks, upper thigh, back and breasts is prohibited;

2.3 Some courses may require adjustments to attire and hairstyle to ensure safety during academic activities (i.e. science labs, PE, electives, career & Technical Education (CTE), etc.); and

2.4 Some courses (i.e. science labs, PE, electives, CTE, etc.) and school-sponsored extracurricular activities may require or allow specific attire (safety gear, athletic attire, uniforms, hats, hair tied back, etc.)

3.0 Restrictions upon freedom of student dress will be imposed, at the discretion of school administration, whenever the mode of dress in question is potentially unsafe for the student or others, or is likely to be disruptive or cause interference with the educational environment of the school. As determined by the building principal, individual exceptions may be made for clothing/headgear worn for religious and/or medical purposes. The following items of clothing are specifically prohibited.

3.1 Items worn in a manner that makes a student’s face difficult to identify;

3.2 Exposed undergarments;

3.3 Pajamas and house slippers;

3.4 Hats, caps, and other head coverings, including but not limited to hoods of sweatshirts or hoodies, skull caps, and beanies worn indoors (unless previously approved by the building principal for religious and/or medical purposes);

3.5 Sunglasses worn indoors (unless previously approved by the building principal for medical purposes);

3.6 Clothing or accessories that promote drugs, alcohol or tobacco either by brand or message;

3.7 Clothing or accessories with sexually suggestive language or messages;

3.8 Clothing or accessories that have pictures of guns or other weapons, promote violence, criminal activity, intimidation or intolerance of others (based on religion, ethnicity, gender or lifestyle);

3.9 Clothing or accessories that could readily be used as a weapon or might otherwise injure the wearer, including items with spikes or loose hanging chains;

3.10 Clothing or accessories that by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute denote membership in gangs which advocate drug use, violence or disruptive behavior as defined in District Policy 5080;

3.11 Trench coats and other like jackets capable of easily concealing weapons;

3.12 Clothing or accessories that cause or are likely to cause disruption of the educational process.

4.0 Dress guidelines for special events or school-sponsored purposes, including but not limited to dances, extra-curricular activities, and fundraisers shall be at the discretion of school administration based upon the nature of the particular event. Students may avoid the risk of being asked to leave or change clothing at an event by having attire approved in advance by an administrator.

5.0 All middle and high school students are required to carry on their person an unaltered school issued photo identification card (ID) during school hours, or at such times, locations, and activities specifically identified by the building principal; provided however, that the building principal shall have the discretion to impose a stricter requirement regarding student wearing of school issued photo ID cards based upon safety and/or related concerns.

6.0 Uniforms may be required with Superintendent approval.

7.0 Except when other contributing policy violations or safety concerns exist in combination with violations of this policy, the typical progression of sanctions and intervention for violations of this policy shall be as follows:

7.1 1st Offense – warning and education about the policy and the student being provided an opportunity to correct the violation.

7.2 2nd Offense – sanctions up to one (1) day out-of-school suspension and requirement that parent and student review and sign a statement indicating their understanding of the “Student Dress Code” policy.

7.3 3rd Offense – sanctions up to three (3) days out-of-school suspension and required parent meeting as a condition of re-entry for the purpose of reviewing the “Student Dress Code” policy and discussing the consequences of future violations.

8.0 The Superintendent authorizes the Executive Directors of Schools to grant written waivers to this policy as appropriate.

*Stargate has a waiver on District Policy 5060 3.4 (which prohibits hats indoors). At Stargate, students are allowed to wear hats indoors at the principal’s discretion.