Gifted Classrooms

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Creating the Best Learning Environment Possible

A Differentiated Program to Meet Unique Needs

Gifted learners require a differentiated, more individualized curriculum which offers flexibility in the pacing and depth of learning, as well as in complexity and challenge. Stargate and our community provide a framework within which gifted students can learn to understand, develop, and value their giftedness.

Stargate curriculum and instruction for the gifted provides:

  • Content delivery that allows for flexible pacing and depth

  • Learning processes designed to promote creativity

  • Higher level thinking skills and problem-solving

  • A learning environment that is open and supportive of diverse learning styles and needs

  • An atmosphere that is calm and supportive, as well as stimulating, imaginative and colorful

  • A variety of resources that support the development of gifts and talents

  • Opportunities to make choices among challenging materials

Ability Groupings for All Grades

In order to meet the needs of identified intellectually gifted learners and challenge each student’s academic abilities we offer needs based ability grouped classes in literacy and math for grades K-8. For example we have had four 3rd grade literacy classes based on the abilities of our the 3rd grade students: one taught using 3rd grade standards, two using 4th grade standards, and one using 5th grade standards. Math is structured the same way. For example, in 8th grade math, we have some students in a “grade level” 8th grade math class, some students in a high school Algebra I class, some students in a high school Geometry class, and some students in a high school Algebra II/Trigonometry class.

In high school, we offer needs based ability grouped classes in all content areas. All students will continue their progression in English and math and are also offered college-level class options in science and social studies through our Advanced Placement (AP) courses. If a student progresses through all AP course offerings in math and English, they are able to take advantage of concurrent enrollment college courses. Our concurrent enrollment courses are offered in partnership with the CU Succeed program, where students take the courses at Stargate and earn both Stargate High school credit and transcripted University of Colorado credit. Hor more information about our High School Classes, visit the High School page.

Active, Hands-On Learning

The newest and most exciting way Stargate supports active learning is through Adroit classes. Adroit is a one-of-a-kind, forward-thinking, passion-based program. Adroit was founded on the Design Thinking process that has been pioneered by the prestigious Stanford in California. Design Thinking is a human-centered, solution-finding pedagogy. Its foundation is empathy, and students engage in the 21st Century Learning process of inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Students practice transforming their ideas into reality. The Adroit program has since expanded to be a combination of Makerspace, Design/Engineering Challenges, Design Thinking, and connecting passion to postsecondary options, all leading to a more meaningful college and career path. Adroit nourishes a culture of prototyping, which is paramount to creativity, innovation, and giving students the freedom from perfectionism and being risk-averse. For a more in-depth description of our Adroit program, including a grade level snapshot, check out our Adroit pages.