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Elementary EXPLORE Courses 

We designed our schedule so that students will experience these enrichment courses on a "trimester" schedule, rotating through two EXPLORE subjects at a time, completing all six by the end of each school year. Learn more about these classes - sometimes called "specials" -  by clicking on the teacher information buttons below.  

Elementary student artwork on display

Visual Art Classes

Visual Art provides Stargate students opportunities to practice their visual "Habits of Mind" - observing, reflecting, envisioning, expressing, persisting, exploring, developing craft and understanding the art world. We not only learn ways to discern and convey visual meaning, but we also make many connections to other fields of knowledge, including language , history, science and mathematics.

Elementary students test their skills on the Stargate rock-climbing wall in PE

Physical Education

Students have the chance to explore many movement opportunities during PE class as well as to work as a team in fun games that may have both a fitness component and a skill-specific goal. PE  may also include educational gymnastics where students have the chance to balance, tumble and even vault.  Stargate adheres to Colorado State Physical Education Standards.

5th grade students perform an original musical written by Stargate teacher Rod Osburn

Music Classes

In K-4 General Music classes, students experience: singing songs with familiar melodies, music appreciation, becoming familiar with some basic elements of music (rhythm, melody, etc.) and performing a concert. In 5th grade, student options may include a vocal class leveraging the Beatles catalog, a guitar class or a class in which students perform a stage musical. 

Students apply big picture learning as they design and build in Adroit classes

Elementary Adroit

In this class, we introduce students to Design Thinking concepts, leveraging the process to explore, create, innovate, fail and succeed. We focus on growth mindset, learning to communicate, collaborate and be empathetic. We learn how to use the tools in the Adroit room and work to remember that some of our best learning comes from failing forward.

Elementary student artwork "express personal thoughts and feelings"


Gifted students tend to have "big" feelings. During GATE, we leverage whole class and small group lessons to help us learn about ourselves as gifted learners and individuals.  We look at our strengths and how to use them to help us with our weaknesses. We talk about kindness and positive self concept, as well as how our brains work in terms of thinking and making decisions.

students get hands-on technology experience at Stargate

Technology Classes

In Elementary Technology classes, K-5 students master skills in Computing and Critical Thinking, Word Processing, Digital Citizenship, Multimedia and Presentation Tools, Communication and Collaboration, and Basic Computer Operations.  All curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards for K-12 in Technology Skills. Students may also opt to join a Coding club.

Front row:  Mrs. Beatty (Art), Mr. Halter (PE), Mrs. Delevoryas (Music)

Second row:  Mrs. Mallick (Technology), Ms. McLeod (Adroit), Ms. Zelinger Cohen (GATE)

Stargate elementary school teachers maintain blogs and calendars, accessible via the links on this page, with information about class activities  This information is accessible to Stargate students and their families and includes details about upcoming areas of study, assignments, key calendar dates, general expectations and more. 

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