Activities & Clubs

Clubs and extra-curricular activities are an important part of student life at Stargate, beginning as early as kindergarten. Watch for emails throughout the year, generally once per quarter, with sign up information, including dates/times, any costs associated, detailed activity descriptions, etc. 

How Do I Get Involved?

Elementary school extra-curricular programs are generally announced quarterly, via emails to student families. Communications typically include detailed activity descriptions, dates/times, any costs associated and registration instructions.  You should also watch for announcements in teacher updates, principal newsletters and other Stargate communications vehicles. 

What Kinds of Activities Are Typically Available?

The list changes each year. However, a few of Stargate's elementary activities include: 

Need More Help?

Can't find the activity that interests you most? Email to confirm whether your activity is currently available or to propose starting something new.  Looking for High School or Middle School activities, visit the Athletics, Arts and Clubs page. 

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