Board Meetings

When Is the Next Board Meeting?

Board meetings are posted on the Stargate School Events Calendar. A full-year schedule is accessible via the Board Meeting calendar button on this page. 

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting agendas are posted prior to Board meetings. The agendas typically include topics to be discussed, as well as the meeting date, start time and, if streaming is planned, a link to  join the meeting. Meeting minutes are posted after they are approved by the Board, usually at the next meeting (i.e. January meeting minutes will be posted within 10 business days after the February Board meeting if they are approved). Board Meeting agendas and minutes can be accessed via the links on this page. Note - if changes are made to the agenda at the start of the meeting they will not be reflected in the previously posted agenda but will be noted in the minutes.

How Do I Participate? Board Meetings & Community Updates

Board Meetings - all meetings of the Board and its committees are open to the public unless they fall under one of the categories for an executive session (see the Handbooks & Policies page for details). All regular Board meetings include open mic time for public comment. Public participation outside of open mic must be kept to a minimum so the Board can proceed with its agenda within a reasonable time. Should public discussion be requested on agenda items, whether by the Board or the community, it will be noted as such on the agenda.

Community Updates - a Board meeting summary is typically distributed to community members after each Board meeting via the Adams 12 Five Star Schools' Infinite Campus (IC) system. 

Urgent Announcements - are distributed via the Adams 12 Five Star Schools' Infinite Campus (IC) Messenger system.

Stakeholders Meeting - in addition to its regular meetings, the Board provides an annual update each fall - usually in September - outlining Stargate's strategic goals. Board members are typically available for 1:1 interaction at this event. 

State of the School - each spring, the Board, in conjunction with the School Accountability Committee, hosts a “state of the school” presentation where community members can learn more about results from the annual stakeholder survey, progress on educational goals, the school's financial health, fundraising highlights and more. 

Feedback - to contact the Board directly, email individual Board members, or Remember, if you have a school-related, classroom or child-related concern, you should follow Stargate’s Communication Pathways and reach out first to your child's teacher.

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