Fundraising Events

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Giving Back to Stargate

Throughout the year, Stargate volunteers organize a number of events and activities that help raise funds for our school, including some that also provide opportunities for community members to socialize outside of school. New events are announced all the time. Watch this page for more information and updates.

Why Wait? Contribute At Any Time to Stargate

Programs like Robotics, Athletics, Adroit and Theatre need your help. Our online giving platform enables you to contribute at any time to these, as well as to our parking lot campaign, to technology in the classroom and to the general fund that supports Stargate’s ability to deliver the finest educational product possible for our gifted students. Any size gift is appreciated.

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Past Events

For information about past events, use the button on this page.

Can You Volunteer to Help?

Ideas for Fundraising? If you are interested in supporting Stargate School with your time and service, please consider joining the Fundraising Committee. We welcome all volunteers, even those who can’t attend meetings. If you’re interested in helping with a specific event or have some fundraising ideas, please contact the fundraising committee at