Chili Cookoff, Mac n Cheese S'mac Down & Bingo

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Food, Fun and Friendly Competition - for the Entire Family

Whether you're coming to eat or compete, this event has all the ingredients for fun. Student and adult chefs serve up their best Chili and/or Mac n' Cheese offerings for a chance at bragging rights and prizes while Bingo players of all ages hope they'll be the first to shout "Bingo!" on a winning card. It's a casual, relaxed setting, perfect for catching up with old friends or making new ones.

Event Planning

Stargate's "Chili Cookoff / Mac n Cheese S'mac Down / Bingo" event is typically held in late fall or early winter. Planning usually begins as soon as the Community Relations Committee finalizes its event calendar for the year.

Volunteers Needed Before & During the Event

We need parents to help plan the event, solicit for chili and/or mac n' cheese entries, recruit judges, plan & purchase additional food/potluck items for the event, etc. In addition, volunteers are needed on the night of the event to help set up, decorate, serve food, distribute bingo supplies, take photographs, clean up and more. Many hands are needed!

Why Should You Help?

First, this is a large event, organized entirely by parent volunteers. Without volunteers, the event doesn't happen. Second, it's a flexible commitment. Volunteer jobs can be as simple as an hour moving tables or as big as the Event chairperson. Third, it's a chance to have fun and connect with other Stargate parents who you might not know.

More Details and Volunteer Information

If you are interested in helping in any way or have any questions, please email Watch this page for more event information throughout the year, including additional opportunities to volunteer.

A crockpot and chili ingredients line a countertop - ready for the event.
Friends have fun playing Bingo and competing for prizes.
A Kid Chef competitor stirs up a batch of chili for the cookoff.
Champion chili trophy - in the shape of a pepper - comes with bragging rights.
Tyler Min holds the trophy that came with his Kids Chef winner title.