Art Show

Want to volunteer to help with this event? Email your art teacher.

Spring 2020 Virtual Art Show

Each year, the Stargate Art Show puts hundreds of student projects on display around campus, including more than 800 pieces in the Elementary building alone. This year, the campus is closed, so we're hosting a Virtual Art Show to showcase our amazing artists and their work!

Artwork had to have been submitted by May 10 for inclusion in the art show.

Art Show 2018: Student utilizes costume props at the art show to "frame" herself as a famous painter.

Visit Our Virtual Galleries

We invite you to visit our virtual galleries. The galleries opened the week of April 21. Art was added through mid-May.

Congratulations to all of the amazing artists who contributed works for Stargate's 2020 art shows.

Can't get enough art? Two Stargate students, Maya Chao and Ellie Long, were among the winners of the Adams 12 Five Star Schools' annual art show this spring. You can visit their works, along with all the other winning pieces, in the District's virtual gallery.

What Is Art? What Does it Mean at Stargate?

We have amazing artists working from grades K-12. For a few photos from past Art Shows and a peak into the elementary program, visit Mrs. Beatty's "What We've Been Up To" site.

Visitors admire student projects on display at the Stargate Art Show.
Students were asked about the "purpose" of art and a fifth grade student produced this piece which claims art exists to "increase global understanding"
Students created artwork on post-it notes and then affixed those notes to the wall for a giant art installation.
An "art" cake served at the Art Show reception, typically held to kick off the event.
Student artwork: peacock
3rd and 4th grade students created these wings in a nod to "What Lifts You" art and campaign by Kelsey Montague.
A variety of pieces on display during a Stargate Art Show.

Rules for Submitting Art for the 2020 Virtual Art Show:

Elementary Show

For Elementary, we invited everyone participate. There were 2 ways to join the art show:

  • Mrs. Beatty was creating a digital art show using work her 3rd trimester art students have been creating/submitting since we launched distance learning,
  • If you did not have art this trimester (or just wanted to submit additional work), you were invited to take a picture of your work with a homemade label that had your name and grade level on it and upload it by May 10 to the Google Photos album titled May 2020 Digital Art Show.

Additional notes for Elementary: students were invited to upload more than one photo. They could upload in-process photos and photos of students with their work. Parents and siblings were also welcome to upload pictures of any artwork they have been working on. Mrs. Beatty planned on uploading a few pictures of her work as well. We hoped to get a good digital turn-out for this show!

Secondary Show

The Secondary show includes student artwork that was collected/ selected before the quarantine, along with any new selected work submitted for Remote Learning Art projects. Students who aren't currently in an art class - but who wanted to show pieces - were welcome to submit work created this year by sending an email to Mrs. Mindenhall or Mr. Thomas. The show was open to any and all Stargate students. Secondary artwork had to have been submitted by Monday , May 10th for inclusion in the show. Please include in submissions:

  • First/Last name
  • Grade level
  • Title of artwork (if you have one)
  • Medium your art was created in (painting, drawing, ceramics, etc)