Art Show

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Be Inspired at the Student Art Show - April 2020

Each year, the Stargate Art Show puts hundreds of student projects on display around campus, including more than 800 pieces in the Elementary building alone.

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What Is Art? What Does it Mean at Stargate?

Visit Mrs. Beatty's "What We've Been Up To" site, for more photos from past Art Shows, as well as images from the Elementary Art room, and insights into Stargate's elementary art program.

Art Show 2018: Student utilizes costume props at the art show to "frame" herself as a famous painter.
Students were asked about the "purpose" of art and a fifth grade student produced this piece which claims art exists to "increase global understanding"
Visitors admire student projects on display at the Stargate Art Show.
Students created artwork on post-it notes and then affixed those notes to the wall for a giant art installation.
An "art" cake served at the Art Show reception, typically held to kick off the event.
Student artwork: peacock
3rd and 4th grade students created these wings in a nod to "What Lifts You" art and campaign by Kelsey Montague.
A variety of pieces on display during a Stargate Art Show.