An Avalanche of Murder

Stargate Middle School Thespians present ...

An Avalanche of Murder

Middle School Play - March 12 & 14 in the Stargate Performing Arts Auditorium. Click the button on this page to purchase tickets.

About the Play: In "An Avalanche of Murder," the wealthy Hopkins family has traveled to their mountain lodge for a family gathering when a freak avalanche traps them on the mountain. With the pass blocked and the phone dead, no one can get in or out, even when members of the family start turning up dead. It's up to young Mary and Anthony to figure out who's killing them off one by one before there is no one left.

Tickets: reserved seat tickets are $8 per person.

Dates and Times:

    • March 12 at 6:30pm
    • March 14 at 1pm
    • March 14 at 6pm
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