Bad Auditions by Bad Actors

Stargate's Fall Play

Bad Auditions by Bad Actors - Nov 7-9 in the Stargate Performing Arts Theatre. Click the button on this page to purchase tickets.

Join Stargate's drama students for this comedy about a community theatre production’s audition process, featuring an actor who thinks she is a cat, an interpretive dancer, and other hilariously bad actors.

Tickets: $10 online or $12 at the door.

Dates and Times:

    • Nov 7 from 7-9pm
    • Nov 8 from 7-9pm
    • Nov 9 from 2-4pm
    • Nov 9 from 7-9pm


Poster: Bad Auditions by Bad Actors - Stargate Fall Play poster with dates and times information

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Stargate Performing Arts provides students with the resources and standard industry-level coaching that is required to produce professional, high-quality theatrical productions. Students engage in all aspects of theatre including but not limited to: acting, singing, dance, costumes, make-up, sound, lights, props, set construction, etc. Stargate Performing Arts also serves as a safe space for all students to be themselves, and provides them with the confidence that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, or any forms of harassment. For more information, visit our Secondary Drama Club page.

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