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Visual Arts

Visual / Studio Arts

Drawing. Painting. Ceramics. Mixed Media and more. Whether they're learning fundamentals or working toward mastery, Stargate students excel in both 2D and 3D Art and Design classes. They develop technical skills as well as  an appreciation for both traditional and contemporary works. As student ideas go from concept to composition to execution, many are showcased in competitions and/or find their way to Stargate's annual art show. 

Graphic & Web Design

Students learn the foundations of design - balance, rhythm, unity, contrast and emphasis - as well as the principles of layout, color theory and typography. As they progress from philosophy into practice, students design typographic word art, their own logo, promotional posters, movie posters and culminating client projects. Students are asked to consider their personal brand, to build portfolio websites and to take on projects that help them build "soft skills" like customer service, emailing etiquette, proofing and a variety of conflict resolution techniques required of design professionals. 

Technical Arts

Mobile Apps & Video Games

Creative Arts intersect with science and engineering when Stargate students design mobile apps and video games. In video game design class, students create animated characters and leverage storytelling techniques to develop deep and complex worlds. However, to bring them to life, they also learn basic C# coding in Unity (a professional game engine). For mobile apps, students' rely on creative design skills, as well as computer science concepts and technologies to create scalable, custom and fast mobile applications. 

Elementary Art

Elementary Art classes provide Stargate's K-5 students opportunities to practice  visual "Habits of Mind" - observing, reflecting, envisioning, expressing, persisting, exploring, developing craft and understanding the art world. Students learn ways to discern and convey visual meaning while also making connections to other fields of knowledge, including language, history, science and mathematics.  The program emphasizes creativity and innovation, communication and expression, problem solving and decision-making, process/effort and responsibility. 
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