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to Kindergarten at Stargate

All prospective Stargate kindergarten students MUST be 5 years old by 10/01/2020 to be considered for admission to our 2020-21 Stargate Kindergarten class. Completed applications must be received by 4pm on January 24, 2020 to be eligible for the spring lottery.

Thank you for considering Stargate Kindergarten for your child. We've outlined the application process for Kindergarten admission on this page. Please use the quick links on this page to access additional information, including the Stargate admissions policy and how to check availability for tours and required assessments.

Application Process - Overview

  1. Read the current Kindergarten Application Instructions
    • Document link at the top of this page.
    • Additional information available via links on this page.
  2. Create an Admissions Portal (SchoolMint) Account
    • All applications should be submitted online.
    • You only need one SchoolMint account per family. If you have an account for another child, simply login and add a new student application.
    • URL:
  3. Gather & Upload Materials Required for Your Student Application
    • Proof of Residency - must be tied to your housing (ie. water, utility, mortgage, signed contract, rental lease agreement, cable, Internet).
    • GT Identification-Parent Form - access online via the application instructions document at the top of this page or pick up from either the Stargate Elementary or Secondary building front desk.
    • Cognitive assessment, or IQ test - see Testing Resources page.
    • Teacher Recommendation Form - access online via the application instructions document at the top of this page or pick up from either the Stargate Elementary or Secondary building front desk.
  4. Schedule Tours and Assessments - these fill quickly!
    • Academic Screening - required for all Kindergarten students.
    • Cognitive Assessment - required for students who have NOT already been administered a cognitive assessment or IQ test or who do not already have a Colorado Advanced Learning Plan.
    • Group Tours - optional for adults interested in touring the Elementary school in a small-group setting.
    • Visit our Tours and Assessments page for links to sign up and check availability for all screenings, assessments and tours, as well as for information about open-house style prospective family nights at Stargate.
  5. Submit Applications by Deadline
    • Applications not received by deadline will not be considered for the Lottery Pull.
  6. Wait for Eligibility Decisions
    • Qualified-Not Qualified Email
    • Appeals Due in Writing
    • Appeal Answers Emailed
  7. Lottery Pull Results
    • Notification of Seat Offers and Waitlist (emailed)
    • Seat Offer Acceptance Due

See Key Dates page for schedule associated with all Admissions items described above.

Equal Opportunity: Stargate School is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination/harassment in relation to race,color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation and disability. Stargate School does not discriminate on the basis of disability in recruitment and admissions. Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Policy 8400 establishes guidelines related to allegations of discrimination and/or harassment of or by students or staff.
504 Coordinator: Sandy Francis (K-5) or Angela Fundaro (6-12) Should you suspect disability discrimination during admissions and/or enrollment, please contact the Section 504/Title II Coordinator listed.