Admissions FAQ

The application window for the  2024-2025 school year is closed

The application window for the 2025- 2026 school year will open in September 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cognitive assessment required and what is the minimum IQ score to qualify?  Stargate considers a body of evidence to qualify students. If a student already has an Advanced Learning Plan as defined by the State of Colorado, they may use that to qualify. However, if your student does not have an Advanced Learning Plan, the application WILL require a cognitive assessment as one measure used to determine potential for intellectual giftedness and admission. Per the school's current Admissions Policy, Stargate does not adhere to cut-off score practices. 

How often can my child take a cognitive assessment?   Applicants may retest with the same evaluation instrument after one full calendar year, but no sooner.  

If my child qualifies for Stargate and is placed on the waitlist, do we have to re-apply for the next school year?  Yes. Waitlisted applicants will need to re-apply through SchoolMint, see the How To Apply page. However, waitlisted applicants do not need to resubmit the body of evidence as they have previously been qualified for admission to Stargate School.

Does a waitlisted applicant have priority over new applicants?  No. The lottery is new every year. Previously waitlisted applicants and new applicants are placed in the same lottery.

If one sibling gets offered a seat at the lottery, does the other sibling automatically get offered a seat?  No. First, all siblings must qualify. Once a child accepts a seat offer, any qualified siblings will be given sibling priority and may move up on the waitlist.

How do I know if my application is complete?  You will receive an email when you submit your application through SchoolMint to confirm submission of your application.  Once your application has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee, you will receive a second email to confirm your application is complete (this may take up to five business days to receive).  If your application is missing documentation, you will receive an email identifying what is required for completion.

How do I create a SchoolMint account? All Stargate applications must be submitted online via SchoolMint. Visit the How To Apply page for links to application instructions including how to create an account, submit an application form and navigate the application process. The SchoolMint link is

Can I drop off my forms?  The preferred method is to upload all forms to your SchoolMint application. For assistance, please email 

Are there in-person tours available? Stargate offers Prospective Parent Information Nights, which include a short presentation, a brief tour, and an opportunity to ask questions.  Check the Admissions Dates page for dates and times. Stargate will NOT be offering tours at any other times.  

If I choose to have a private psychologist administer the cognitive assessment, do I need to use the cognitive testing sources listed on your website?  No. You may choose any licensed psychologist. The psychologists on our website are for your reference only.  Stargate School does not endorse any of the listed providers.  

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Equal Opportunity: Stargate School is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination/harassment in relation to race,color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation and disability. Stargate School does not discriminate on the basis of disability in recruitment and admissions. Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Policy 8400 establishes guidelines related to allegations of discrimination and/or harassment of or by students or staff.
504 Coordinator: Sandy Francis (K-5) or Angela Fundaro (6-12) Should you suspect disability discrimination during admissions and/or enrollment, please contact the Section 504/Title II Coordinator listed.