• Voting Period: May 4 (Midnight) - May 17, 2021 (4PM MST)

  • Nomination Period: closed at 5pm on April 26 for the Spring 2021 election

It's time for the Stargate spring election.

Voting will be conducted between May 4 (midnight) and May 17 (4pm MT) to:

    • fill 2 parent seats on the School Governance Board (3-year terms)

    • vote FOR or AGAINST proposed changes to the Bylaws of Stargate Charter School

The Recruiting Committee will host a moderated, online Candidate Forum for candidates to introduce themselves to the Stargate community on Wednesday, May 5 at 6pm. Dial in instructions will be available on the Stargate Events calendar.

For the Bylaws question only - at least 30% of eligible voters MUST VOTE in order for results to be ratified. In addition, 67% of ballots cast must be in favor of the amendment for it to pass.

Election results will be posted the evening of the last day of the voting period on the Stargate website. In addition, an email announcement will typically be made to Stargate stakeholders within 24 hours after results are ratified by the Election Committee.

For more information, email electioncommittee@stargateschool.org

The Stargate School Board of Directors is elected by, and represents, the members of the Stargate Community. Board members set the general direction and policy of the school, with a focus on longer term and “big picture” issues. The board is responsible for the Stargate budget, review of the annual audit and evaluation of the school's executive director, as well as compensation, policy approval and corporate level sponsorships.

Stargate Board members are elected to three-year terms, during which time they are expected to serve as a voting member of the board, to develop policies for the operation of Stargate School, and to monitor and evaluate its finances, programs and performance. For more information about the work this group does, visit the Governance Board page.