Governance Board

The Stargate School Board of Directors is elected by members of the Stargate Community. Board members typically serve 3-year terms. Guided by the school's mission, the Board sets the general direction and policy of the school, with a focus on longer term and “big picture” issues.

Current Board Members

Teresa Walsh President, Term Ends June 2021

Lisa Hosfelt Vice President, Term Ends June 2022

Mark Hoopes Secretary, Term Ends June 2022

Elizabeth Williams Parent Member, Term Ends June 2021

Traci Nicks Parent Member, Term Ends June 2023

Samantha Howorko Independent Member, Term Ends June 2021

Communicating with the Board

Board members leverage a number of communications channels to build relationships with community members, as well as to ensure accountability and transparency as they plan for the future, set school policy, oversee finances and promote Stargate's vision and mission.


Elizabeth Williams,

Teresa Walsh,

Mark Hoopes,

Lisa Hosfelt,

Traci Nicks,

Samantha Howorko,

Communication Pathways

For classroom or student-related concerns, please follow Stargate's Communication Pathways, which include contacts for outreach and the form(s) for submitting inquiries.

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