Election results are typically posted the evening of the last day of the voting period. In addition, an email announcement will be made to Stargate stakeholders within 24 hours after results are ratified by the Election Committee. For questions, email electioncommittee@stargateschool.org

Spring 2022 - School Governance Board Election

Fall 2021 - School Accountability Committee Election

Graphic - Fall 2021 Election Results

Spring 2021 - Appointment to Fill Parent Director Vacancy

The Stargate Governance Board voted June 29, 2021 to appoint Brad Schoenfeld to fill 1 open Parent Seat on the Stargate School Governance Board. He was one of 5 candidates who applied to fill the post.

The parent director vacancy was created when Traci Nicks resigned from the Board in late May, after the spring election. As outlined in Section 5.3 of the Stargate Bylaws, a Board vacancy is filled by Board appointment, and the new member serves for up to one year, until the next Board election. The term of this position will be from June 30, 2021 through June 30, 2022. If the appointed member is interested in remaining on the Board after that point, they will need to run as a candidate in the Spring 2022 election.