School Accountability Committee (SAC) members are typically elected to two-year terms, during which time they work closely with the school's Governance Board to analyze performance and measure progress toward established strategic goals.

The Committee is expected to be composed of five (5) elected parent members, three (3) elected staff members, and an appointed non-voting Board liaison. Staff members are elected by their peers. Parent members are elected by parent stakeholders. The SAC election is typically held in the fall, usually in September or October.

Current SAC Members

SAC Member: Rob Cernich

Rob Cernich Committee Chair, Parent Member, Term Ends Fall 2021

SAC Member: Apsara Aryal

Apsara Aryal Parent Member, Term Ends Fall 2022

Becca Borden Parent Member, Term Ends Fall 2022

SAC Member: Lindsey Paquette

Lindsey Paquette Parent Member, Term Ends Fall 2021

SAC Member: Fred Washburn

Fred Washburn Parent Member, Term Ends Fall 2022

SAC staff member: Bethanny Tarantino-Kelly

Bethanny Tarantino-Kelly Staff Member, Term Ends Fall 2021

SAC staff member: Juli Bassman

Juli Bassman Staff Member, Term Ends Fall 2022

Pat Williams photo

Patrick Williams Staff Member, Term Ends Fall 2021

Shaun Schafer, Board Liaison to SAC

Shaun Schafer Board Liaison, Term Ends June 2024

General Expectations for School Accountability Committee (SAC) members

Members of the Stargate School Accountability Committee are expected to - at minimum - be familiar with the SAC Charter, Stargate Bylaws, Board Policy Book and Communication Pathways.

In addition, each SAC member is expected to:

  1. Be an active committee member, prepared to work closely with the school’s Governance Board to analyze performance and measure progress toward established goals.

  2. Attend regular meetings of the School Accountability Committee. The SAC usually meets once a month.

  3. Plan for a two-year term and a time commitment that - although it varies based on time of year and assigned responsibilities - is generally about 3-8 hours per month.

  4. Take responsibility for self-education. Become familiar with school's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as the Public School Accountability Handbook, the District Accountability Handbook, the Unified Improvement Planning Handbook and Stargate's Charter School 101 information. In addition SAC members are expected to complete the following Board Training Modules within 60 days of assuming a SAC role:

  • Module 4: Board Structure and Responsibilities

  • Module 6: Promoting the Vision and Mission

  • Module 7: Strategic Planning

  • Module 15: Data Driven Decisions

  • Module 16: Accountability and Program Assessment

  • Module 17: Sunshine Law

  • Module 24: Effective Committees

  1. Exemplify integrity, honesty and respect.

  2. Make dedication and commitment to the vision of Stargate School a top priority.

State Mandate

Every school in Colorado must have a School Accountability Committee. It is the SAC's responsibility to monitor the school's academic performance and, at Stargate, to also monitor community opinion on a variety of topics through parent and staff surveys. The Committee gathers raw data, analyzes that data, then makes recommendations to the Board and Administration regarding areas that need improvement and possible methods of driving that improvement.

To better understand state requirements, visit the Colorado Department of Education site.

Interested in Joining the School Accountability Committee?

Unlike other committees where members can join any time, SAC members are elected. Visit the Elections page for information about the elections process at Stargate. Prospective SAC candidates - or anyone interested in learning more about the group - can also plan to attend a SAC meeting. All SAC meetings are open to the public. Contact or to learn more.

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