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For more than 20 years, Stargate has been building a nurturing and thoughtful educational community for intellectually gifted learners and their families. But, great schools require support from an engaged community.

About Stargate

Stargate provides a unique learning environment designed to nurture, encourage and support gifted students as they discover and embrace their gifts. By catering to the specialized needs of gifted learners, Stargate has created a place where “being gifted is the norm” and an academic model that is genuinely unique in its approach to blending best practices in gifted education with the academic rigor to excel against state educational standards.

Why We Need Your Help

Charter schools, like their traditional public school counterparts, are funded according to enrollment levels and receive public funds on a per pupil basis. In Colorado, charter schools receive less than 100% of the funds allocated to their traditional counterparts for school operations. For Stargate, this equates to approximately 20% less per student. Fundraising campaigns help bridge the gap.

Your Dollars at Work

In previous years, with the help of our very generous community, fundraising dollars have allowed us to purchase:
  • Technology upgrades for classrooms (iPads, Smart Boards)
  • New grass for the soccer field
  • Gifted Education Certifications for our teachers
  • A modular building for the Instrumental Music classes and the 5th-8th grade Band & Orchestra
  • New tables for the lunch room
  • Supplementary discretionary $$ for classroom budgets
It's All About Our Students

Each day Stargate students come to school eager to learn. They are supported by an exceptional staff of educators who motivate our students to reach and achieve their full academic potential. With your continuing generosity, Stargate will maintain its commitment to deliver a high standard of achievement from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Every dollar donated stays at Stargate.

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