Leadership & Volunteers

Partnering to Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

From its founding, parent volunteers have played a critical leadership role at Stargate.

As a charter school, Stargate offers a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities including:

  • Classroom assistance
  • Field trip chaperones
  • Home room/class parties
  • Guest speakers/presenters
  • Board committees
  • Community Relations and Fundraising
We recognize that students tend to be more successful when parents are involved in their children’s educational experience. For Stargate volunteers, the possibilities are endless and the results of involvement are powerful.

Visit the Governance portal to learn more about Stargate leadership volunteers and how to become involved in the Stargate community.

STARGATE is entirely devoted to taking intellectually gifted learners as far as they can go.

"I love that Stargate has such a community of parents and kids. Everyone works so hard to give our kids the best and our teachers do an amazing job. I always feel my son is being challenged to meet his true potential."