Delivering a Unique Educational Opportunity Since 1994

Responding to cuts in gifted education program funding and new legislation allowing charter schools, Stargate's original charter was submitted in early 1994 by educator Nancy Hall and her husband, Doug Morrow. A series of informational meetings followed, communicating to prospective parents the necessity of a differentiated education for gifted children, and the possible consequences if their students' academic, emotional and social needs were not met. The goals for the school claimed that every child should have access to an education commensurate with his or her abilities, that parents should be significantly involved with their child's education, and that students would be educated in such a way as to help them become responsible, ethical, socially aware adults, who were not only life-long learners, but would contribute to their communities in a positive way.

The first organizational meetings were held at the homes of enthusiastic prospective parents who logged hundreds of volunteer hours in preparation for the school's opening on August 29, 1994. The passion to create a differentiated education lay not only with the parents, but the teaching staff who outlined a diverse educational curriculum that would address individualized needs. Together, they created an environment where students were excited about going to school, enthusiastic about what they were learning, and were happy with their newfound peers who became friends. Parents, too, found peers and acceptance for their sometimes eccentric ways. A community was formed. The name, 'Stargate,' was voted on in the first months of school. It comes from "Adams Twelve Five Star Schools" - the school district, which serves five communities - and Gifted And Talented Education. The eagle mascot and school colors of purple and gold were selected soon after.

Stargate opened with grades one to five and expanded each year with the students, until grade eight. The school utilized a number of facilities and mobile classrooms until 2003 when students moved in to the award-winning facility they enjoy today, a facility that was expanded in 2007.

Bringing together a group of highly intelligent, intensely focused perfectionists hasn't been easy. The school has evolved in response to the needs of the student community, most recently with expansion to serve grades K-12 and with the opening of a brand new campus at 144th and Washington. 

The heart of Stargate, however, remains unchanged – to combine the best efforts of parents, students and staff to provide a unique educational opportunity focused on the specialized needs of gifted children. 


STARGATE has been serving the needs of gifted students for more than 20 years? The school opened in 1994 with 125 students.

"I LOVE this school! This was the best decision my husband and I could have made for our children's education!"