Faculty & Staff

Specialists in Gifted Education

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” -- Alexandra Trenfor

At Stargate, we believe each child:
  • Is an active learner
  • Learns as an individual
  • Learns as a whole person
At Stargate, our teachers are also lifelong learners. Many have gifted endorsements and certifications. All participate regularly in staff development and training to support the unique needs of gifted students. Many have advanced degrees.

In the classroom, our talented teachers utilize differentiated curriculums and instructional strategies to help each student become actively involved in directing and pacing their learning. Teachers also utilize advanced teaching tools such as personal learning plans, project-based and needs based learning activities, multiple field trips, and other hands-on experimental learning activities that are academically and socially appropriate for gifted students.

For more information about our experienced team, including a school directory, visit our Community Portal.

STARGATE has maintained a Colorado Department of Education “Accreditation with Distinction” since 2009.

“I love my school! The teachers are friendly and understanding. They try to teach in the most fun way possible. Stargate's an awesome school.”