An Opportunity Rich Environment

At Stargate, gifted students enjoy a creative and innovative environment that encourages inquiry and independence, and that promotes self initiated and self directed learning. We encourage values that support productive lives of service, community and mutual respect. Stargate is student centric and strives to create a positive, exciting and engaging environment, offering:
  • Academic excellence
  • Advanced learning techniques
  • Arts and foreign language
  • Active exploration and discovery
  • Abstract and complex thinking skills
  • Attention to social skill development
  • Parental and community involvement
  • Gifted best practices
As one of the oldest charter schools in Colorado, Stargate has grown as a learning community over time. Today, you see the founding families’ vision realized in students and teachers who are excited to arrive each day, enthusiastic about what they are learning and happy to collaborate with peers who they can also call friends.

STARGATE holds a Colorado CSAP “Excellent” Rating with High Academic Growth

“The school makes a great effort to let these exceptional children learn in an environment just for them, but also allows embraces childhood. There are plenty of parties, field trips, events and sports for everyone."