At A Glance

The Basics
  • K – 12 charter school serving a gifted and talented community of about 1400 students
  • High School: launched in fall 2015 with 9th grade and expanding by one grade per year until the school reaches full 9th-12th grade enrollment
  • Differentiated: instructional strategies tailored to each student’s abilities, with an emphasis on both academic and social/emotional needs
  • Rich learning environment: multi-age classrooms, needs-based groupings
  • Excellence: ranked as one of the state’s top middle schools last 6 years in a row; ranked among top 20 elementary schools eight of last 10 years
  • Expertise: highly qualified staff participates regularly in gifted education training and development
  • History: founded by parents in 1994
  • Parent Volunteers: are vital members of our community, active in classrooms, fundraising and leadership committees
  • Governance: provided by a parent-elected governing board
  • Location: modern, technology-enabled campus located at 144th and Washington.
  • Chartered by Adams 12 Five Star School District; independent curriculum structure

Academics and More - Kindergarten through 12th Grade
  • Integrated Curriculum: teachers work together to relate theme elements – including social studies and science – and concepts across subjects and grades
  • Gifted Best Practices: aligned with state standards and performance based outcomes; depth of instruction incorporates challenge, character development and complexity of thought
  • K-5 Specials: two courses per trimester for a total of six courses annually (Physical Education, Music, Art, Computers, Spanish, Adroit)
  • Modern Language: K through 12th grade (Spanish), 6-12th grades (French)
  • Experiential education: field trips for all grades; learning programs designed to engage all senses
  • Technology: incorporated into instruction.  Middle and High School students bring their own device to school daily.
  • Student Autonomy: programs promote inquiry, independence and self-initiated learning
  • Family Conferences: twice yearly
  • Community Service: school-wide and class-specific activities and projects
  • Interscholastic Sports: emphasis on participation, physical well-being and sportsmanship-Middle School and High School
  • Extracurricular and Clubs: wide variety of opportunities including NJHS/NHS, Yearbook, Student Council, Young Rembrandts, Science Matters,
  • Before/After School Program: available daily, on teacher work days and during Spring Break
  • Summer Programs: June through August, for ages 5 to 14
  • Student Support: School Counselors, On-Site Health Aides, Full-time Elementary Librarian, Speech/Language Therapist; Occupational Therapist; Special Education; English Language Learners, Gifted Specialists, School Psychologist

STARGATE MIDDLE SCHOOL ranked 1st out of 503 schools and received an A+ rating in the review (2012, 2013, 2014)

"I couldn't be happier with this school. It allows the children to learn at their own pace, in an appropriate level of literacy and math. The teachers and staff are fantastic and caring."