Student Support

A Unique Team for a Unique Community

Gifted children come into a classroom with a unique profile of strengths, weaknesses and needs. To truly thrive, they require support and special services from professionals trained to nurture, encourage and advance their potential as future leaders.

At Stargate, we’ve assembled a comprehensive team to support the whole child, from physical care to social/emotional needs and from linguistic and learning support to gifted program development and advocacy. We leverage that same team to assist our teaching community in developing strategies to address and meet students’ individual learning goals. It is a unique support model designed specifically for the unique Stargate learning environment.

Counseling Services
Our Elementary and Secondary Counselors support students' social and emotional needs through classroom visits, small groups, individual sessions, mediations and parent and staff consultations. In addition, High School Counselors are partnered with students for a four-year relationship that involves Adroit projects, exploring career interests, planning for transition to college and more.

English Language Learners
The ELL program supports students with intercultural backgrounds in the acquisition of social and academic English language. Students are taught at the same content level as their peers. ELL helps students develop strong skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing so that they may be successful as they progress through Stargate's challenging curriculum.
Gifted / Talented Services
Our Gifted experts support students, teachers and parents by working in classrooms, in small groups and with individual students. The team meets and consults with parents focusing on issues and areas of giftedness – recognizing and strengthening passions, interests, gifts and talents, understanding what it means to be gifted, the responsibilities of being gifted, social and emotional issues and advocating as gifted learners.
Health Services
Our School Health Aide is responsible for meeting the health needs of all students. This includes students with chronic diseases and students with illnesses. Our Health Aide works closely with other team members, such as the school counselor, in order to determine if illness is related to social or emotional issues. The goal is to keep students healthy and get them back to class in an appropriate amount of time if they are injured or if they need to take medication.
Learning Specialist
The Learning Specialist helps provide diagnostic, instructional and related services to support students with special needs. The Learning Specialist works to ensure that appropriate programs are available based upon the child's unique needs.
Occupational Therapist
The Occupational Therapist assists students with improving handwriting, visual motor skills, coordination and strengthening of the fine motor skills. 
Speech / Language

The Speech Therapist helps evaluate children to assess communication skill development, diagnosing speech/language problems that may interfere with a child’s academic success, giving recommendations for intervention and suggesting strategies to facilitate success in the classroom.




    “You think you’re the only parent facing these issues, but you aren’t. It means so much to have a team to turn to for support. I don’t know any other school with this many amazing resources in one place.”

    5th grade parent