Special Events

Connecting Families While Having Fun

Great schools rely on strong school communities.

Stargate brings families together in a number of ways, including through family-friendly special events. Our regular, school wide, community-building activities link students, parents and teachers. They help foster new school traditions, promote inclusiveness and strengthen commitment to the school. They can be as undemanding as our Family Film Night, where families picnic on the school lawn. Or they can be as logistically challenging as our multi-day, multiple meal staff appreciation events. 

Each year, the Community Relations Committee organizes events that include a Back-to-School Carnival, Family Movie Night, a Chili Cook-Off/Bingo Night and teacher appreciation events. The group also organizes special events like art and talent shows, the school Dodgeball tournament, holiday giving activities and unique celebrations like the school's 20th anniversary homecoming party or a multi-cultural night where students and their families share information and artifacts that tell something about their family heritage.

Led by parent volunteers and dedicated staff members, Stargate special events establish a climate of belonging and trust that connects families and the school in ways that support but also transcend academics.

“There’s a real sense of community at Stargate. Events are a fun way to connect in low pressure ways with other parents and students, as well as the faculty."
- 2nd grade parent