Service to Others

Learning by Helping

Our students are involved in a multitude of lessons and activities that quietly add up to a rich program of community service in and beyond Stargate. During the school year, students, parents and staff make positive contributions to the immediate community and beyond through programs that include:
Food Drives
Students contribute canned and dry goods to a community food bank that serves families in need. 

Literacy Outreach
New books are purchased via donations to “One For Books” during Stargate's twice-a-year Scholastic book fairs and then donated to a non-profit charity chosen by the student council. 

Support for Children
During the school’s “Stuffed with Love” drive, students collect stuffed animals – often a source of comfort during traumatic and emotional situations – for Children’s Hospital patients and children in foster care. 

Military Outreach
Stargate students are involved in organizations that collect donations to send care packages to our military.
Disaster Relief
Students regularly pitch in to collect supplies and financial donations for victims of natural disasters.

Sports Jersey Donation Days
Students collect money for charities by inviting peers to "purchase" special privileges that include wearing hats and sports jerseys on designated days.

National Junior Honor Society
Students in 7th and 8th grade donate in a variety of ways to the community outside school, including by giving their time and money. Through this service based organization, they take an active role in school and community service, finding meaningful ways to give back to the community.
When they help others, students gain an awareness of the world outside themselves and the needs of others. Service is an integral part of the curriculum for all grades. Meanwhile faculty and staff serve as role models by volunteering as leaders of various outreach initiatives, making service to others a part of student life at Stargate.

“It’s easy to forget that there are people who don’t even have enough food to eat. We’re really lucky. It’s important to give something back.”

– 5th grade girl