Building Character and Sportsmanship

Athletic programs play an important role in the total educational experience at Stargate. They are one more way in which Stargate helps each student realize the full range of his or her talents and abilities. The school’s athletic programs strive to develop confidence and discipline while also teaching the value of physical fitness and the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Students experience sports as a positive, character building experience and gain a better appreciation for the value of teamwork and the importance of sportsmanship.

Stargate is an active and founding member of the Middle School Athletic Conference. 

Students can begin participation in sports as early as kindergarten with recreational basketball. Interscholastic team sports begin in 6th grade and continue through high school.


High School Interscholastic Teams 
  • Basketball – Boys and Girls 
  • Soccer – Boys and Girls 
  • Cross Country - Boys and Girls
  • Volleyball – Girls
  • Track and Field - Boys and Girls
  • Mountain Biking (club team) - Boys and Girls
Middle School Interscholastic Teams
  • Basketball – Boys and Girls 
  • Soccer – Boys and Girls 
  • Volleyball – Girls 
Elementary School Camps
  • Basketball Skills Camp - Boys and Girls (grades K-5)

"Stargate Athletics are really cool because even the kid that is super smart in geometry and not always the athlete can get out there and play some ball. Not all schools have that opportunity." 

- 8th grade boy