Beyond the Classroom

A Rich Student Experience

Intellectual vitality requires meaningful opportunities to explore, discover and grow – both inside and outside the classroom.

At Stargate, we’ve created a dynamic learning environment where core curriculum is just the beginning. We encourage students to pursue their individual interests via a broad range of programs where they can develop leadership abilities, build time management skills and stretch academic and intellectual competencies – while also having fun.

We recognize that student life is the sum of many parts. Student athletics. School clubs. Art. Music. Languages. A safe, after-school haven. An on-site health aide. A learning support team. An expansive library. A great technology program. At a time when many schools are cutting back, the Stargate community remains committed to preserving and expanding these enriching programs and to giving our students all the benefits that they offer.

“I’ve got so many choices at Stargate. I can do things that are really interesting to me, without anyone pressuring me to try everything.”

--7th grade girl