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Registration and Other Expenses

Policy At a Glance – Registration and Other Expenses

Once you receive a seat offer to Stargate, you’ll need to plan to complete the registration process.

Registration Fees

Fees due at registration can include a $50 technology and field trip fees that vary by grade level. Full day Kindergarten students will be charged a $30 non-refundable registration fee. Fees are required to be paid in full at registration.

Other Expenses

For the 2016-17 school year, the full day Kindergarten enrichment fee will be $375 per month, due by the 10th of each month. Lunches vary from $4.50 - $5.50 dependent on what you order. Sign up at to view our menu. 

Registration Documents

You must provide, at registration, the most updated version of your child's immunization record. Your child must be current on all immunization at the time of registration. The only exception made is for children whose birthday falls after the date of registration, but before the day school starts. You would then need to provide new proof of immunization with the needed vaccines before the first day of school. Also, if you child's birthday falls between the first day of school and October 1st, you have 14 days after the date of birth, to provide the new proof of immunization to the front office. If proof is not provided when due, your child may be excluded from school until you can provide the current proof of immunization. 

Lastly, at registration, you will need to bring your child's birth certificate, a parent's driver's license and 2 new proofs of residency. Proof of residency must be related to your home, or where you live and must be original documentation. All documentation must be current and the mailing address must match the property address. If you own your home, you can bring current utility bills, (no cell phone bills), a purchase contract with possession date or closing date 30 days before the first lottery pull, a current mortgage statement, or a homeowner's insurance.

If you lease or rent your residence you can use a current lease agreement with signatures from the leasing agent, a rental insurance policy or current utility bills.

If you are living with another family, ALL of the following are required: A Declaration of Residence must be completed and signed by the owner/renter of the residence with whom you live, two proofs of address from the owner/renter of the residence, and current proof of your residence at that address (you can use a bank statement, insurance statement, new Colorado driver's license receipt, or bills received with your name and address listed.)

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