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Qualified Students

Policy At a Glance - Qualified Students

Once a student has qualified, he or she may be admitted to Stargate School pending analysis of space available and these factors:

1. Sibling Status: A qualified sibling of an enrolled student, regardless of residence status, receives first preference for admission. “Enrolled student” includes any student who has accepted a current seat offer or attends Stargate. Sibling status is considered if an applicant has an “enrolled student” at time of lottery pull. 

2. Stargate Employee: After one year of employment at Stargate, an employee’s qualified student, regardless of residence status, receives first preference. 

3. In-District: A qualified in-district student with two proofs of residency as approved by Adams District 12 (water, utility, excel, mortgage bill, etc.) receives next priority.

4. Out-of-District: An otherwise out-of-district student who has been enrolled in an in-district school for at least one entire school year will be classified for admissions purposes as an in-district student.

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