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Policy Changes

Policy At a Glance – Policy Changes

Here are a few directions to help you navigate the admission's process.

The new forms for 2016-2017 applicants are posted in the documents section. Please be sure to read the policies noted.

Some important notes:
  • For K-8 applicants, we will only accept the most recent versions of the IQ tests, as listed in the Admissions Policy.
  • You cannot re-test for one year if you apply with a test that does not meet our minimum requirements.
  • There are forms for the Parent/Teacher Nominations that need to be completed. A parent completes the Parent Nomination form and a Teacher fills out the Teacher Nomination form. If no prior teacher or parent is available, please call the Admission's Coordinator for more information.
Take your time familiarizing yourself with the new forms and policies, and do not hesitate to send an email with questions to We look forward to working with you.

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