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Identification of Gifted Students

Information regarding high school admissions can be found here.

K-8 admissions Policy At a Glance – Identification of Gifted Students

Stargate School uses multiple criteria for identification of qualified students. These are required as well as additional normed student information, and include: 
  • IQ Testing 
  • Parent Nomination (all students) 
  • Teacher Nomination (all students) 
  • Self-Nomination (grades 3-8) 
  • Report Cards for applicants (grades 2-8) 
  • Additional Normed Assessments - TCAP, MAPs, etc. 
IQ Tests: Intelligence tests are recognized indicators of intellectual giftedness and are required for admission to Stargate. Stargate School uses the full-scale IQ score for evaluating applicants, but may consider the subtests. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, Stargate will accept only the WPPSI- IV for applicants applying for kindergarten and 1st grade.r. For applicants applying for 2nd through 8th grade, we will accept the WISC-IV, WISC-V, and the Stanford-Binet (5th edition). Students may not retest within a 12-month period using the same instrument.

Parent Nomination form: Parent(s) shall complete a Parent Nomination form to assist in identifying different manifestations of common characteristics of the gifted learner.

Teacher nomination form: A Teacher Nomination form will be provided to parent(s). The parent(s) will select a teacher who is familiar with the student to complete the form. The Teacher Nomination form will assist in identifying different manifestations of common characteristics of the gifted learner.

Self-Nomination form: A Self-Nomination form will be provided to parent(s). Students applying to third grade or higher shall complete the Self-Nomination form.

Report Card: A copy of the most recent report card for students applying for second grade or higher is requested as supporting documentation.

Normed Assessments: Additional normed assessments, such as MAPS, TCAPs, etc. may be submitted as supporting documentation.

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