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High School - Lottery Process

Stargate values each and every application we receive. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of seats available, a lottery will be conducted each year to determine placements for available seats.

Continuing Stargate Students

Students who complete 8th grade at Stargate are automatically admitted and the lottery process does not apply.

Prospective Stargate High School Students

Students qualifying with an ALP or body of evidence will be entered into the lottery. To participate in the lottery, you must first apply. Only qualified applicants will be considered. Lottery priority is outlined below:

  1. Sibling Status: A qualified sibling of an enrolled student, regardless of residence status, receives first preference for admission. “Enrolled student” includes any student who has accepted a current seat offer or attends Stargate. Sibling status is considered if an applicant has an “enrolled student” at time of lottery pull. All students must still follow the admission policy for the grade level in which they seek admittance. 
  2. Stargate Employee: After one year of employment at Stargate, an employee’s qualified student, regardless of residence status, receives next priority.
  3. In-District: A qualified in-district student with two proofs of residency as approved by Adams District 12 (water, utility, excel, mortgage bill, etc.) receives next priority.
  4. Out-of-District: An otherwise out-of-district student who has been enrolled in an in-district school for at least one entire school year will be classified for admissions purposes as an in-district student. Other out-of-district guidelines are outlined below:
  • Seats will be distributed to siblings first and employee’s children second. Next, a lottery will determine the seat distribution and wait list priority for remaining qualified candidates, giving priority to in-district applicants. Once a student has qualified for Stargate School, students are not ranked by score.
  • If a current seat offer is declined, the applicant voluntarily gives up their enrollment opportunity and must re-apply in writing for the following year.
  • Qualified out-of-district students may be admitted only if there is space available after all qualified in-district candidates have been admitted.
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