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High School - Admissions Criteria

Stargate High School uses multiple criteria for identification of qualified students:

  • Student completing 8th grade at Stargate School - Students completing the 8th grade at Stargate School have already met the admissions requirements and will automatically be accepted to Stargate High School.
  • Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) - Students on an ALP are recognized by the state of Colorado as being gifted, and therefore meet Stargate's qualified student status and are eligible for the high school lottery. The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is an individualized plan for identified gifted students. The ALP is a record of programming options and academic or talent goals that support the Student’s strength area(s) and affective or behavioral needs. Through collaboration of the students, parents and school personnel, the ALP guides educational planning. Ask your school district's Gifted Coordinator how to obtain an ALP. (22‐20‐R‐12.00, C.R.S.) 
  • Body of Evidence - Students who do not have an ALP can qualify for Stargate High School and be entered into the high school lottery based on a body of evidence, including the following:
    • IQ Test - Intelligence tests are recognized indicators of intellectual giftedness. Stargate School uses the full-scale IQ score for evaluating applicants, but may consider the sub-tests. For high school students, Stargate will accept the WISC-IV, WISC-V, and the Stanford-Binet (5th edition). Students may not retest within a 12-month period using the same instrument.
    • Two Teacher Nominations - Teacher Nomination forms will be provided (please pick up two forms per child at Stargate's main office). The student will select two teachers to complete the form. The teacher nominations will be completed using the Renzulli Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students. Teacher nomination forms must be returned to Stargate in the supplied sealed envelope, complete with teacher's signature on the front of the envelope.
    • Gifted Student Profile - The gifted student profile is an opportunity for applicants to show off who they are. Submit a passion project, research paper, video, artwork, recorded song, or any other creation of your own design that highlights your gifts. Items can be submitted to Stargate's main office (Secondary Building).
    • Transcript - Transcripts for the most recent three years including the most recent grading period.
    • Additional Normed Assessments - TCAP, CMAS, PARCC, MAPs, or other normed assessments for the most recent three years including the most recent scores.

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