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High School - Application Process

At Stargate High School, just as at Stargate's K-8 school, there are two key elements associated with the Stargate application process: 

  • Identification of qualified students
  • Placement of qualified students into available seats
We’ve provided an overview of the process below. Click on headlines for additional information. 

Check the Calendar
Our enrollment period typically runs from November to February. However, key dates vary from year to year. Please check the calendar to plan your application to Stargate.

Determine Whether You Qualify
Stargate High School is a school for identified intellectually gifted learners. To start the application process, families should first review the multiple criteria Stargate uses to identify qualified students.

Submit Application On Or Before the Deadline
Application packets must be submitted to the Front Office at Stargate School and should include all required forms, as well as two proofs of residency and valid IQ test results. Please visit the documents and forms page to access forms available for download, as well as to review the list of all required application documents.

Qualified/Not Qualified
Families will be advised that their applicant has qualified/not qualified for the lottery based on the student's full scale IQ score. If their applicant is not recommended for Stargate, families may appeal.

The Lottery
Stargate will conduct a lottery for qualified applicants at each grade level. Prospective applicants will be pulled in the following order, Siblings, Employee Children, In District, Out of District. Seats will be offered based upon available spots at each grade level.

Wait Pool
If a qualified student is NOT drawn in the lottery, he/she will be placed in a wait pool and notified if/when seats become available. As in the initial lottery, the in-district pool will be exhausted first. Any remaining seats will be filled from the out-of-district pool. Once a student has qualified for Stargate, students are not ranked by score.

Final Paperwork
Once a seat offer has been accepted, either in the initial lottery or after a spot opens for a student in the wait pool, additional paperwork and fees will be required.

Stargate values each and every application we receive. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the application process.

The Stargate High School admission policy is subject to annual review.

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