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Middle School

Middle School students at Stargate are fully immersed in student life that carries beyond the curriculum. These students are taking field trips, making overnight trips, running student government, playing soccer, basketball and volleyball, and performing. In class, they are continuing to work well above grade level, leveraging high school texts in literacy, science, math and elsewhere. 
Our strong middle school program blends academic rigor with an intentional emphasis on social-emotional growth. Like all adolescents, our students have complex and multifaceted needs. Thus, we actively support their quest to develop their personal identity and to see themselves as members of a community. Whether in structured activities with their peer group, in leadership roles with younger students, in competition and cooperation with other schools, or in service to the community and wider world, our students learn to balance their individualism with the needs of diverse groups. The middle school program represents a special time at Stargate and we work to make it memorable.  
Core Curriculum 
Language Arts – focuses on the various genres of writing, explores the themes and characters developed in fiction, and places an emphasis on research and reporting.
Writing – exposition focuses on rising action, resolution and denouement. Students are writing and editing electronic versions of their work.
Math – geometry, algebra and the foundations for trigonometry, math analysis, calculus and higher mathematics 
Science – continues discovering in human biology, geology, botany and a host of disciplines. 
Social Studies – The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, development of the three branches of government, federal policy and the modern United States of America all come into focus. 
Additional Curriculum
Music – as students progress, the Concert Band and Symphonic Orchestra provide opportunities to learn extended techniques and notes and complex rhythms. Students also focus on learning how to tune, blend, phrase and how to thoughtfully listen to the music. In addition, the ensembles perform annually at the Elitch Music Festival.
Art – students not only learn ways to discern and convey visual meaning, but we also make many connections to other fields of knowledge, including language, history, science, and mathematics.
Physical Education – students not only learn to play several team and individual sports, but we also emphasize things such as nutrition, the human body and how it works as well as what teamwork, tolerance, sportsmanship and perseverance truly mean. The sports we practice and play include flag football, basketball, soccer, team handball, badminton, volleyball and floor hockey.
Spanish – classes are taught primarily in Spanish and involve constant repetition of elements that the students already know, as well as addition of new material and vocabulary expansion through reading, geography and writing stories. The curriculum is based on “Realidades.” 
Technology – students leverage prior knowledge to expand their technology skills with communication, life skills and “real world” applications. Emphasis is placed on keyboarding accuracy and speed.
Drama/Theater - students receive training in theatrical tools including interpretation and scene development, character development and performance, literal and interpretive reading, writing (both essays and scripts), set and costume design, evaluation and discussion. Students will also have the opportunity to be a part of after-school plays and musicals throughout the year. 

Adroit - Adroit is a combination of makerspace, design challenges and design thinking.