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3rd and 4th Grade


Increased independence. More responsibility. The students’ classes are now upstairs in our building, and in many ways they are making a move up in learning. One big change comes in literacy and math where the emphasis on independence, comprehension, and application of concepts often results in new learning group placements for students.
As changes trigger both joy and anxiety, our teaching team works to create an environment that supports the emotional intensity typical of 3rd and 4th grade students. They embrace the exclamation points that pepper student's language, as well as the eagerness students tend to bring to every endeavor. Our classrooms provide a consistent, safe, comfortable environment where students feel secure enough to relax, take academics risks, and revel in the joy of learning.
Core Curriculum

Language Arts – our curriculum is designed to keep students reading at grade level or above. Students will be taking the works they read and relating them to larger social issues. We will be looking at where authors’ works fit within a political and cultural landscape.

Writing – using dialogue, action and descriptive detail, our young writers will continue developing as authors.

Math – development using Go Math continues with students completing increasingly complex word and reasoning problems.

Science – students are encouraged to work within the Scientific Process to perform a variety of experiments and develop their own.

Social Studies – the student’s role in society and the building blocks of civic life are further explored as we develop young citizens.
Additional Curriculum

Music – students started with hand-bells and recorders, and now they are moving to the traditional band and orchestra instruments.

Art – students are observing, reflecting, and developing craft and understanding in the art world.

Physical Education – teamwork, tolerance, and sportsmanship combine with a mastery of technique in furthering the personal experience in health and fitness.

Spanish – language basics take center stage as students ready for more in-depth instruction.

Technology – keyboarding and communication skills coalesce as student move from emerging learners to capable technology students.

Adroit – Adroit is a combination of makerspace, design challenges and design thinking.