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How do fish breathe? What are clouds made of? Why do zebras have stripes? How many times a day does your child ask questions just like these? The innate curiosity of each young learner is the beginning of the learning process. In the Stargate kindergarten program, we transform this curiosity into a lifelong passion for learning, creating independent, enthusiastic learners. Our team combines an accelerated, standards-based curriculum with hands-on learning experiences. We emphasize goals and objectives in the four areas of Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Language, and Physical development through a wide variety of instructional strategies.

Core Curriculum

Language Arts – our curriculum is designed to have students reading at grade level or above before they leave kindergarten. We accomplish this by scaffolding to students’ abilities. Students who are working on sounds and letters are placed in an emergent group. Students sounding out words are placed in a developing readers group. Independent readers work in a group focusing on comprehension and fluency.

Writing – we strive to build a community of writers and encourage the children to think like authors. Kindergarten writing starts out as pictures, turns into short sentences and molds into connected simple or complex sentences based on readability.

Math – we use the Go Math curriculum. Designed to equip students with a strong foundation in mathematics, topics are covered in depth and taught to mastery.

Science – units range from earth science topics like sunshine/shadows and recycling to physical science topics that include wood/paper and simple machines to a life science section on animals.

Social Studies – we study the civics of classroom rules and citizenship, as well as historical themes and economics.

Additional Curriculum

Music – students explore beats and rhythm, sounds, instruments and the role music plays in our lives.

Art – our emphasis is on exploring art production and includes drawing, cutting, painting, and sculpting.

Physical Education – introduces tools and techniques to establish lifelong healthy and fit students.

Spanish – introductory Spanish language skills.

Technology – teaches students to use appropriate terminology for parts of a computer, to select and start programs as directed by teacher, to follow rules for Internet safety, to collect and use information to support projects.

Adroit – Adroit is a combination of makerspace, design challenges and design thinking..

Program Options

Stargate offers both full and half-day Kindergarten programs.There is a monthly tuition fee for the full day Kindergarten program.  Both programs feature individual work and group projects based on curriculum specifically designed for the Stargate student.

The curriculum is developed using the District Twelve curriculum framework and Colorado State Standards, but is compacted and accelerated to better meet the needs of gifted learners.

Our program includes:
  • Language Arts, Writing, Math, Civics, Geography, History, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science
  • Art, Adroit, Physical Education, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, and Spanish
  • Small needs-based learning groups
  • Student-teacher ratios around 12:1 with full time teacher and paraprofessional in each class
  • Curriculum-based field trips and speakers
  • Access to a wide range of extracurricular activities