Encouraging Inquiry, Independence and Self-Initiated Learning

Academic rigor has been a characteristic of Stargate since the school's founding. We expect our students to master the basics. At the same time, we try not to confuse rote and repetition with true teaching and active, engaged learning. We encourage creativity and discovery, whether in a science lab, a computer class, or the art studio.

Our students learn by doing. During the period when children are most curious and have myriad interests, grade level teams structure creative environments that enable students to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics, and the sciences. The curriculum incorporates art, music, technology and physical education to foster what we hope will be a lifelong pursuit of learning.

Through the grades, children are encouraged to search for patterns and relationships. Teachers work together to integrate the curriculum so that subjects are studied in depth and from many directions. Field trips help children connect school experiences to the world around them. Literature and mathematics can be part of the study of science and social studies.

Social responsibility is taught in all that we do. Students discuss and learn from their differences with friendliness and trust, and from this perspective, examine ethical issues that arise from academic studies.

Josh Cochran
Executive Director

Robert Cable
Secondary School Principal

Missy Hischke
Elementary School Assistant Principal